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Betrayal: The Murder of Robert Nairac GC



Betrayal: The Murder of Robert Nairac GC


Alistair Kerr





Cambridge Academic









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Betrayal: The Murder of Robert Nairac GC - Alistair Kerr
Book Information

Full Description:

Shortly after midnight on the 15th May 1977, undercover British soldier Robert Nairac was abducted by a lynch-mob comprised of some Provisional IRA supporters and two PIRA members. He was interrogated under extreme torture and then shot
dead in a remote rural area near Ravensdale Forest. He was twenty eight years old, and his body has not yet been recovered.
A myriad questions remain: the circumstances of his death; the events leading up to it; and Nairac’s various relationships with the RUC, IRA, SAS, Irish communities and others during The Troubles in Northern Ireland are all mysterious.
The IRA subsequently have tried to justify Nairac’s murder. And certain soldiers and former soldiers – both officers and other ranks, especially some connected with the SAS – as well as people at the heart of British politics added their voices to the chorus of denunciation of Nairac.
How and why did this come about? Alistair Kerr spent three years researching the book, and trying to find answers to these questions. Some doors were opened, but many revealed yet more deception, intrigue and misinformation.
Nonetheless, this book remains the most complete account of the life and death of Captain Robert Nairac GC.

Table of Contents:

Prologue, The Citation
1 | The Myths
2 | The Murder, Part 1
3 | The Murder, Part 2
Illustrations part 1
4 | New to Earth and Sky
5 | Ampleforth, Setbacks and Achievement
6 | Getting to Oxford
7 | This Side of Paradise
Illustrations part 2
8 | The Irish Background
9 | In the Army Now
10 | Ireland Again
Illustrations part 3
11 | Regimental Days and Nights
12 | The Bird of Time
13 | The Human Factor
14 | The Aftermath
15 | Unfinished Business
The Epitaph
Appendix 1: Nairac Timeline
Appendix 2: Last Portraits
Appendix 3: Sex and the Single Spook
Appendix 4: The Nairac Affair by Michael Cunningham
Appendix 5: Nairac and the SAS
Chapter Notes
Select Bibliography

Author Information:

Alistair Kerr was born in Scotland. His father was an officer in the Royal Army Medical Corps, who later became an academic. Alistair studied History and Law at the University of Edinburgh and later became a civil servant. During his Law studies, which included Forensic Medicine, he was shown the pickled remains of the wife of a notorious murderer to whom he is distantly related, Dr Buck Ruxton, hanged in 1936, although he was then unaware of his relationship to him. Another ancestor was accused of complicity in a poisoning murder in the 17th century: unsurprisingly, he has an interest in murder mysteries. He has lived, worked and travelled in a number of countries including Kenya, Zimbabwe, France and Australia and now divides his time between Scotland, Lincolnshire and London.

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