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Handbook of a non-extremist



Handbook of a non-extremist


Phil Glenwright





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Handbook of a non-extremist - Phil Glenwright
Book Information

Full Description:

This short but powerful and poignant book challenges total or excessive belief in any thought system. It examines the dangers of ideology, nationalism and religion and proposes a modicum of doubt as essential for peaceful and harmonious co-existence within and between nations and creeds. It considers questions of culture and war and suggests that harmful rigidity of thought may often be found at opposite ends of political and religious divides.
It also reports the biased use of language in the media and how negative, loaded terms may conceal a hidden agenda of racist hostility to outsiders.
The book then makes an impassioned plea for the spirit of tolerance, which is depicted as both a moral and scientific imperative. It also specifies the merits of true democracy and the deficiencies of dictatorships, commenting explicitly on human rights and the rule of law. It concludes by citing the Norwegian tragedy of July 2011 and the need to be steadfast in the face of extremism and resolute in the defence of the rights of all races, nationalities and creeds.

Table of Contents:

Author Information:

Dr Phil Glenwright studied at the universities of Reading,Göttingen, Hull, Lancaster and Leicester. His subjects included German. Comparative Education, Applied Linguistics and TESOL. He holds four degrees plus Diplomas in Education,TEFL and Translation. More importantly, however, he has enjoyed and valued meeting people from all walks of life. As a student he worked variously as a tractor driver/hop picker, postman, baker’s delivery man and as a chainman, holding the surveyor’s pole during motorway construction. (A chain is 22 yards).
Later, at the end of one contract, he worked for six weeks as a lorry driver (7.49 tons) in Germany taking roses and carnations from the Dutch border to the flower auction in Neuss. At play, he enjoys tennis and snooker and has been school and university cricket captain as well as captain of various club teams. Happily, in his early sixties, he was twice given the local Cricket Association’s Saturday Captain of the Year Award – having led his university team to one Championship and one Runners-Up position. At work, he is a reliable and considerate colleague who is held high esteem, even being employed beyond the mandatory retirement age.
His close contact with foreign languages and the fact that he has spent 29 years of his 42 year career working abroad have only strengthened his wish to foster better international understanding, largely through deed rather than word.
Politically he is a floating voter with no political or religious affiliations of any sort. He has never sought or desired any political office or belonged to any party. More importantly, he has studiously avoided propounding any political or religious views during the course of his professional duties. He is certainly no political commentator. This book is a first attempt to formulate an appeal for tolerance and harmony between and across nationalities and creeds.

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