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Case Studies in Defence Procurement Volume II



Case Studies in Defence Procurement Volume II


David Moore and Peter Antill (Eds)






Cambridge Academic









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Case Studies in Defence Procurement Volume II - David Moore and Peter Antill (Eds)
Book Information

Full Description:

This second volume contains seventeen cases focusing on defence procurement and logistics issues that will provide an excellent learning opportunity to a variety of readers. This wideranging audience will include military personnel, those on defence education and training programmes, employees of the defence industry, those in defence agencies and those engaged in defence and security-related research (an example being under- and postgraduate students on international politics and strategic studies courses).
It will also be of relevance to students undertaking procurement and supply chain
management courses that are not necessarily intended for military or defence careers. This is because many of the cases focus upon fundamental aspects which pervade all the relevant areas of, for example, logistics.
An example of this is in the very first case where we discuss the mechanics of logistics. Hence, this is also of relevance to students on MBA, MSc, MA and professional qualification courses. The majority of the cases presented will provide a useful source of reference as they are factual, albeit often in a précised form. Others, are based on fact, but are produced in such a manner as to prompt the reader’s thinking, conceptualisation and application of concepts into practise.
The intention is that the reader should be able to shape his or her thinking in respect of defence procurement and logistics. They should be taking into account not only the factual details of each case, but developing conceptual perspectives in order to influence contemporary ideas, doctrine and their implementation. The chronological nature of the cases and the broad spectrum of operating environments covered, permit a consideration of existing and emergent theories and practice.

Table of Contents:

Austerity and the Current Challenges in the Defence Environment

Part 1 // Defence Logistics & Supply Chain Strategy
Case 1.1 Logistics in the Ancient World
Logistics and the Roman Army of the Late Republic

Case 1.2 The American Civil War
Supplying Johnny Reb and Billy Yank: Logistics in the War Between the States

Case 1.3 Operation Sea Lion
A Joint Critical Analysis

Case 1.4 German Operations in North Africa
Linking Operational Design and Sustainment

Case 1.5 Operating Far from Home
Logistics Support in the Pacific War

Case 1.6 The Largest Amphibious Invasion of All
The Legacy and Lessons of Operation Downfall

Case 1.7 Land Warfare
Logistics in Land Warfare – From the Middle Ages to the Gulf War

Part 2 // Defence Procurement
Case 2.1 Astute Class Submarine
Single Service Procurement – The Royal Navy’s New Hunter Killers

Case 2.2 Challenger II
Single Service Procurement and the British Army’s Main Battle Tank

Case 2.3 Protected Mobility
Single Service Procurement and UORs: The British Army’s New Capability

Case 2.4 SA80
Patience is a Virtue: The Case of the British Army’s Assault Rifle

Case 2.5 Bowman
Tri-Service UK Project Management

Case 2.6 MRAV
European Collaborative Procurement

Part 3 // Defence Procurement & Logistics Challenges
Case 3.1 Options for Change
The defence review in perspective

Case 3.2 Bilateral Defence Cooperation
A New Entente Cordiale or Business as Usual? The UK-France Defence Relationship

Case 3.3 Infantry Weapons
Future Small Arms

Case 3.4 Naval Acquisition in Emerging Markets
Problems and Challenges in Asia


Author Information:

Dr David M. Moore is currently Director of the Centre for Defence Acquisition within Cranfield University at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom in Shrivenham. His varied career has included managerial positions in both the public and private sector. He finished his final tour in the Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) at the rank of Lt. Colonel. David has also developed and implemented Purchasing and Logistics courses for a range of major clients as well as MBA programmes whilst at the University of Glamorgan.
Peter D. Antill is currently a research assistant working for Cranfield University at the Centre for Defence Acquisition. Peter has practical experience in the service industry as well as the civil service. A degree holder from both Staffordshire University and the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth he also holds a PGCE (Post Compulsory Education) from Oxford Brooks University. A published author, he is currently conducting post-graduate research into defence acquisition and logistics, British defence policy and expeditionary operations.

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